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BEST-IN-CLASS TEAMS SERVICES: Teams Telephony, Professional Services, and Managed IT Solutions for Security & Disaster Recovery!

Our Managed IT Support, Professional Services and Best-in-class, Microsoft Workforce Solutions deliver peace of mind and real Technical Equality by providing the exact same tools, on the familiar Microsoft foundation for ALL employees.  This centralized Teams hub and Managed IT solution delivers fixed-cost, award-winning and comprehensive solutions for all things meetings, 365 collaboration and communication.  Learn why our communications, collaboration and IT support solutions are not only cost-effective and reliable, but also very flexible and scalable.

In The Cloud Technologies provides Unified Communications (UC), Managed IT and Professional Services, with Best-in-class Audio/Video Meetings, Chat, Messaging, Calling, Collaboration, Groups, Sharing, Secure Storage, Calendaring, and HD Video / Audio, all in one place, integrated with MS 365 appsavailable on any device, usable from any location, and all managed through a single pane of glass interface.

In The Cloud Tech offers Unified Communications, Teams Telephony and Managed IT/Professional Services

About Boston's In The Cloud Technologies, LLC.

Unified Communications (UC), Teams Telephony,
and Professional / Managed IT Services

Our certified Microsoft engineers are experienced and dedicated to every step of an integration project. We’re with you from start to finish, then beyond… with early adoption training and world class support from solution architects, systems administrators, and network engineers.  We are your Boston-based Professional and Managed Cloud IT Services / UCaaS integration authorities!  
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Cloud Telephony

Enterprise-level Cloud Telephony, using Microsoft Direct Routing is often a big part of integrating UCaaS Solutions. Make and receive calls using Microsoft Teams and ditch the PBX maintenance, expense and responsibilities.

Enterprise Communication

Get advanced communications tools like Unified Messaging, Instant messaging, online faxing, mobility, live real-time conversations, SMS, MMS and chat, all fully integrated with video and audio meeting solutions.

Employee Collaboration

Presence based collaboration tools that include all MS 365 programs, mobile devices, user grouping, calendering, and file storing/sharing. These tools from Microsoft are purposefully flexible and scalable - without compromising security.

Professional Services

In the Cloud Tech works both directly for businesses, and in partnership with traditional managed service providers (MSPs), IT groups and clients. We will take you from network discovery and roadmaps, all the way through full integration, testing and internal training for overall adoption.

Augmented, Tier 3 Staffing

As a Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we specialize in providing Tier 3 support and even staff augmentation professionals, available around the clock and possibly most important, immediately. Get easier collaboration and more flexibility, improved security, productivity, and mobility.

Managed IT Services (MSP)

Our approach to Managed IT Support Services comes from decades of professional service and telecomm experience. These remote, fixed-cost solutions provide cost-effective access to our entire team of experts, commonly for less than the cost of one employee.

Microsoft Teams is the Leading, Best-in-Class Unified Communications (UC) Platform for ALL your Meetings, Chatting, Messaging, Grouping, Noticing, Structuring,
File Sharing, Secure Storage, Calendaring, Conferencing, Scheduling, Calling, and Live Collaborative use & editing of every MS Office 365 Application,
ALL seamlessly delivered  in full High Definition Audio and/or Video, ALL managed through One Single Pane of Glass Dashboard Interface,
ALL located in the same place, ALL available on any Internet device, ALL usable from any practical location, by ALL employees,
ALL without compromising a company’s existing and future organizational security policies.

Case Study in Unified Communications - Medical

Published September 21, 2021 – Boston, MA – In the Cloud Technologies, LLC

A leading Massachusetts manufacturer of medical and health technology for artificial implants was facing the end of lifecycle for Skype (2015 On-Premise) for Business.  While some locations were also using Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and/or Skype Online, the decision to migrate all 1,500 employees to a Microsoft Teams  platform and Telephony was initiated. This project faced many challenges beyond an extremely tight timeline and even included a really big Microsoft surprise on day one of integration.

Unified Communications Project Highlights Include:

  • Migration of 1,000 U.S. users and 500+ EMEA users to Microsoft Teams
  • Integration of multiple locations across several countries and languages
  • Direct Routing Integration/Customization of Audiocodes SBCs for enterprise Cloud Telephony
  • Integration and testing of messaging, chat, e911, 365 collaboration for all users.
  • Migration of Exchange Unified Messaging over to Microsoft Teams
Read how initially our plan did begin as we originally had strategized, the flexible nature of the Cloud allowed for quick redirection, without compromising security. Beyond the initial, very ambitions time constraints, the medical technology manufacturer was accommodating and integral in th each stage of deployment. This porting of1,000 users was complete in seven days.

In the Cloud Tech is a Boston-based, Cloud and Uniform Communications as a Service (UCaaS) company providing solutions and technical equality for remote, hybrid, and on-site employees, unifying and standardizing the enterprise integration of Cloud Telephony, Communication, and Collaboration.
To read this Unified Communications case study (PDF), click here

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Unified Communications and Managed IT Services News

Teams is much better than Slack.

So, you use Slack eh…

Yes, it’s true. In an effort (I guess) to apparently not use a unified system built by a reputable provider, many companies initially put their faith in Slack to help fill their enterprise collaboration efforts. “Well, it’s free right?” Um, no, it’s really not, there is an initial free tier, but once that trial ends you pay for members that are active in your workspace. “So, what’s the problem?” The problem in question here is not properly maintaining a service and to thoroughly test security risks/flaws in the program. “Bah… come on, what’s the worst thing that can happen?” The worst? Well, only time is going to tell about that, but one recent problem is… THEY’VE BEEN LEAKING YOUR PASSWORDS FOR OVER FIVE YEARS!

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If You’re Not Using Microsoft Teams, Then You’re NOT Collaborating

While Teams Telephony is certainly a game changer, I feel the even more valuable, commonly overlooked and least understood aspect of Teams and its Unified Communications benefits, is in Enterprise collaboration. In my opinion, this is where Microsoft Teams truly shines and provides benefits to users that they can’t find anywhere else. Well, they could (and do) find similar apps from different providers, but that’s so un-unified it’s literally maddening, if not dangerous. So, unless you’ve used Teams or seen it in action, then it’s impossible to fathom how far behind every non-Teams collaboration system would be. And that’s a BIG problem.

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Wait, Google isn’t free anymore? My personal information not enough?

After more than a decade, Google is moving away from free use of its services to paid, beginning with small businesses, and the response is… well, not great. In January, Google announced that customized email services and other workplace apps which had been free for over a decade, were quickly coming to an end. Needless to say… business owners quickly responded that they feel “slapped in the face with this broken promise,” one that was made long ago by one of the world’s largest, cash heavy tech companies.

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Buzz Burlock
Buzz Burlock
@Origin Capital Management
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In the Cloud Technologies did such a fantastic job for us that I wanted to leave a review for others. If you are looking for a qualified Unified Communications (UC) and Cloud Services, I would greatly recommend that you speak with them.

I am very happy and grateful to the company for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I was initially very concerned about the large scope of this project. It contained multiple party providers, some complicated migration / integration needs and had some very tight timelines as our mail service was shutting down a lot sooner than we had thought... (read more)

Ross Carkeet
Ross Carkeet
@Delta Dental
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Demetrius is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable Unified Communications expert that tremendously helped with a significant transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. His wealth of experience helped us accelerate our timeline while also increasing the quality of our technology delivery.

He helped us with planning, building, and implementing our new technologies, and was instrumental in helping grow the overall knowledge of multiple technology engineering and support teams. He was always responsive to our needs, and he easily balanced the inputs of multiple team members to ensure a holistic approach that helped ensure our success. I would definitely come back to Demetrius for future initiatives!
Owen Williams
Owen Williams
@Two West Distribution
Read More

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Sutherland in a variety of settings over the past 5-6 years and would absolutely recommend him and In the Cloud Technologies. As the owner of Two West Med, I’ve always had the ability to hire someone very experienced and easy to work with, that truly took a team-centered approach.

I hope you do get to experience working with Brian and In the Cloud Tech. I can honestly say I would recommend them for any Cloud Services or Teams based Telephony integration.
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson
@Pavate Medical
Read More

There are a lot of tech companies out there, all proposing to do various things, most of which are difficult to understand by the normal person. They have a unique way of explaining even the most complicated of technologies that really anybody can follow. It’s not often that I really feel someone is going out of their way to understand my position, but I can honestly tell that they genuinely care about my success and come to embrace my team for the greater project success. Yes, highly recommended.
Joe Salman
Joe Salman
@Grand Island Vineyards
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When I first met Brian Sutherland, I couldn’t believe how fast he could create amazing designs and intricate materials with just a little input from us. He has an amazing knack for digital marketing and as a manager of people, because it’s obvious he cares about the people on his team. This is very refreshing to see an ego-free approach in the sales and marketing areas of a company.