Brian Sutherland

In the Cloud Technologies –  Chief Operations Officer (COO)
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brian sutherland, Brian Sutherland – Vice President of MarketingBrian Sutherland is an experienced, charismatic and persuasive communications and marketing team leader, project manager and media spokesperson with over 25 years experience marketing high-tech, software, anti-virus and cloud services.  

Initially hired as VP of Marketing in April 2021, Brian was recently promoted (Jan 2022) to Chief Operations Officer (COO) through his ability for enterprise communication, skill in managing both departments and people, as well as his passion and foresight in high technology.

A trained professional journalist (Public Relations), digital designer and seasoned marketer, Brian has very advanced web programming and design skills using nearly all Adobe Creative programs from After Effects to XD Prototype.  He has very advanced level skills with JavaScript, PHP, UX/XI, WordPress, Shopify and other platforms, operating as a talented marketer, producer, writer, video editor and e-commerce manager.  He also likes to do Cybersecurity penetration testing, in a white-hat capacity.

Most recently, Brian Sutherland worked for an international marketing company operating on four continents, who focused on high-tech, cloud integration and IT services.  Previous to that, Brian was Executive Producer of an award-winning, feature length film and soundtrack.  This project resulted in an enormous amount of press, several film festival awards and a five-year, international distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing out of New Jersey. 

Before this, Brian has also worked for such leading companies as Van Gogh Vodka as a designer, the State of the World forum as web designer, Squaw Valley, Granite Construction and Meadowood Mall  as an agency representative and several law enforcement groups throughout northern Nevada.

An excellent writer/designer, communicator and manager of people, Brian is highly trained and experienced, skilled in managing all types of efforts beyond employees, including vendors, investors, stakeholders, clients/customers to the press and media. He has over 15 years of traditional and specialized education from Columbia University, Marquette University, the University of Nevada, Reno and Louisiana State University.  Most recently he obtained specialty certification in Sports Industry Management from Columbia University.

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