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Calendly Meets Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has only gotten better with the recent addition of Calendly. For those who haven’t heard of this great tool yet, Calendly is a program that improves scheduling. After it has synced to your calendar, it allows people to book appointments with you based on your current schedule. This means no more awkward double-booking.

Having Calendly integrated into Teams is a big thing for businesses. For many organizations, Teams is already the go-to program for scheduling, collaborating, and meeting with other members of your company. Through this new feature, those already existing abilities are improved.

This news is also good for Calendly as a program, because it fills some of the holes that existed in its offerings previously. Before you could use it with Zoom or GoToMeeting, but Teams was not an option. Now that this is possible, and available for free, Calendly has become even more relevant.

You can use Calendly with your Office 365, Google, or iCloud calendar. To use it with Teams, sign up with your Office 365 account. This will automatically connect your calendar and Teams. Keep in mind that all scheduling will be done through Teams, so it will inherit your policies, PSTN dial-in, and cloud video interop, if applicable.

Do you think the Calendly and Teams integration will help you?