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Teams is much better than Slack.

So, you use Slack eh…

Yes, it’s true. In an effort (I guess) to apparently not use a unified system built by a reputable provider, many companies initially put their faith in Slack to help fill their enterprise collaboration efforts. “Well, it’s free right?” Um, no, it’s really not, there is an initial free tier, but once that trial ends you pay for members that are active in your workspace. “So, what’s the problem?” The problem in question here is not properly maintaining a service and to thoroughly test security risks/flaws in the program. “Bah… come on, what’s the worst thing that can happen?” The worst? Well, only time is going to tell about that, but one recent problem is… THEY’VE BEEN LEAKING YOUR PASSWORDS FOR OVER FIVE YEARS!

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If You’re Not Using Microsoft Teams, Then You’re NOT Collaborating

While Teams Telephony is certainly a game changer, I feel the even more valuable, commonly overlooked and least understood aspect of Teams and its Unified Communications benefits, is in Enterprise collaboration. In my opinion, this is where Microsoft Teams truly shines and provides benefits to users that they can’t find anywhere else. Well, they could (and do) find similar apps from different providers, but that’s so un-unified it’s literally maddening, if not dangerous. So, unless you’ve used Teams or seen it in action, then it’s impossible to fathom how far behind every non-Teams collaboration system would be. And that’s a BIG problem.

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Wait, Google isn’t free anymore? My personal information not enough?

After more than a decade, Google is moving away from free use of its services to paid, beginning with small businesses, and the response is… well, not great. In January, Google announced that customized email services and other workplace apps which had been free for over a decade, were quickly coming to an end. Needless to say… business owners quickly responded that they feel “slapped in the face with this broken promise,” one that was made long ago by one of the world’s largest, cash heavy tech companies.

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Microsoft Teams Creates Winning Leverage for Legal Firms Over the Competition

When localized, O365 was deemed secure, but with the addition and coordination of Microsoft Teams, began to raise some questions about security and data protection due to its always on, 24/7 available access to sensitive resources, documents, collaboration and more. There’s no question about the obligation of law firms to take appropriate measures to keep their client data secure. Today, through commercial cloud-based platforms, this combination offers significantly more in the way of data security and system reliability than old, on-premises/legacy/server-based systems.

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Microsoft Teams Phone Systems – Operator Connect vs Direct Routing Service

Unveiled at Microsoft’s Ignite conference last year, Operator Connect is an operator-managed service that makes it easier for businesses to connect their PSTN to a Teams-based Phone service. By maintaining an existing operator relationship, companies save on infrastructure purchases and management, as well as benefit from enterprise-grade reliability and shared technical support.

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Managed IT Service Providers See Success with Fixed-Cost, All-Inclusive Approach

The rise of the contingent workforce has made day-to-day workforce management increasingly complex for HR and procurement departments. Hybrid, remote and on-site workers all have very different needs when it comes to IT services and workforce tools, expanding the knowledge and skills necessary to properly service an entire organization. Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) has often been the most successful solution, primarily through having access to an entire team of technicians, versus one in-house person.

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Microsoft Teams and Intune for secure communication and collaboration in the hybrid workplace.

Microsoft Operator Connect Mobile Addresses Hybrid and Mobile-First Workforces

Microsoft Teams Phone has nearly 80 million users and has been at the core of digital transformations across the globe. These Covid-inspired, hybrid-driven transformations provide the flexibility, reliability, and functionality organizations rely on to stay connected and productive. Continuing in this tradition, Microsoft most recently has announced Operator Connect Mobile, a fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solution which will allow mobile devices to become a Teams Phone endpoint. Operator Connect Mobile will preview and begin in Q2 of 2022…

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How Lawyers are Using Teams is an Existential Change, not an Elective One

According to Microsoft, their mission is “to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.” The goal of Microsoft 365 Solution for Legal is to address the concerns over blind subpoenas while helping Law Firms realize their full potential using the most secure cloud and to leverage Microsoft Teams in a way that is curated and configurable to meet those requirements. They have recognized the value and needs of things like Document Management Systems (DMS), Secure File Sharing, Encrypted Accesses, and User Rights Management to name some of the more obvious.

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Teams Law Firm Collaboration from Microsoft, security and collaboration for the legal industry.

Law Firms Making BIG Strides with Hybrid Working Models as Phased Returns Stall Once Again

According to the experts at (reference) legal firms faced a very daunting, unprecedented challenge when COVID-19 forced the entire industry into fully remote work in March of 2020.  Now a year later, after several false starts and a few hiccups, Remote working has now morphed into Hybrid, which is creating some new issues, while at the same time delivering multiple benefits. As you probably know, the return to office plan for US based Law Firms was largely scheduled for Q3/Q4 2021…

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Microsoft Open License purchasing moves to Cloud Solution Providers

Change allows for greater flexibility, making it a fully digital purchase process directly available from Certified Microsoft Partners, like In the Cloud Technologies! Purchases through the outgoing Open License program ending December 31, 2021. To provide a consistent and simplified purchase experience, Microsoft has introduced a new streamlined way to buy, with the goal of greater flexibility in how and where a Customer Agreement is available.

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