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Skype Shutdown on July 31, 2023 – Are Your Phones Ready?

As I’m sure you recall, Microsoft retired Skype for Business Online in Summer 2021. At that point, users were left with basically two choices, early to market product Zoom, and the up and coming Teams, also delivered from Microsoft. Having a combined 80+ years of Telecom experience, we know our users greatly value the investment they‘ve put into Skype, so they’ll be glad to know there is a solution through SIP Gateways to enable these devices to securely connect and function as Microsoft Endpoints should. We encourage our clients and all users to consider this solution, as Skype for Business Online is set to PERMANANTLY BE SHUT-OFF ON JULY 31, 2023.


Part II: How to prepare for implementing Microsoft Teams Dynamic 911 in your Teams environment

In Part I of this series we define E911 calling, some history of 911 Emergency calling, and the United States laws that drive the need for organizations to implement 911 Emergency services. This article describes how to best prepare, and what information is needed to successfully implement Microsoft Teams Dynamic E911. You will also learn about important decisions that are required to be made by your organization before beginning the actual implementation of Microsoft Teams Dynamic E911.