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Find out more about our Founder, Demetrius Cassidy!

Below is a collection of published cloud and media press interviews and informative articles for the calendar year 2021. Demetrius Cassidy, President and Founder of In the Cloud Tech has ongoing relationships with press and media outlets as a subject matter expert source for Cloud, Managed Cloud, Azure Platform, Cloud Migration and any Cloud Integration projects.  If you would like to feature Demetrius Cassidy or In the Cloud Tech in a story, article or need video footage, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.  

PRESS AND MEDIA GUIDELINES: In the Cloud Tech will be happy to grant press access and/or credentials to journalists employed by accredited media organizations for the purpose of editorial coverage.  Official industry spokespersons, staff and communications agents are eligible and Journalists are encouraged to submit press credentials (press card) and a letter from the editorial office of the magazine/newspaper verifying that the journalist is being sent to interview or cover In the Cloud Tech.   A copy of the press card and of the letter from the editorial office should be sent to In the Cloud Tech’s press office (info@inthecloudtech.net). Company, media outlet business cards or membership cards are not accepted as credentials. The decision of the In the Cloud Tech Press Office is final regarding all press registration requests.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  All journalists attending various client events and/or the specific press events are obliged and encouraged to hand in a copy of their article (about the event, the press briefings or symposia of client activities) within 6 months from the conclusion of the event. The copy can be sent to the press office via mail (info@inthecloudtech.net) or via post or fax (address and contact details below in footer).