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Professional Services and Migration for Cloud Technology Solutions

In the Cloud Tech is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), offering a variety of managed, co-managed, and augmented IT services. We are experts in business technology consulting, planning, and executing Cloud-based integrations and strategies. Our thinking is comprehensive, from start to finish as we follow up everything with professional training services that ensure enterprise-wide adoption. Adopting an augmented approach is a very efficient way to stay current with technology, to have access to expert level skills, and to quickly address issues related to cost, quality of service and compliance/risk management. 

Our Cloud Technology Services support the entire technology lifecycle, based on the needs of our clients from start to finish, with our highly trained and experienced Cloud subject matter experts (SMEs).  Read more about Augmented, Tier 3 Staffing and Placement.

Business consulting and discovery/road mapping projects and augmented employees available to implement cloud based technologies.
Microsoft Experts as Managed Service Providers, let us manage your IT Support, Security, Migration, Teams Telephony and Disaster Recovery at fixed monthly prices, per user.

Professional Services and Migration Solutions:

  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and Tier 3 IT support services for clients and MSPs
  • Platform Best Practices Recommendations and Consulting
  • Cloud Project Recommendation, Strategy, and Integration
  • VoIP Evaluation, Recommendation, and Integration
  • Technology Discovery and Roadmap Development

Microsoft Enterprise Technology Consulting:

In the Cloud Tech works both directly for businesses, and in partnership with traditional managed service providers (MSPs). Our augmented approach delivers everything from easier collaboration and more flexibility, to improved security, productivity, and mobility. We will take you from network discovery and roadmaps, all the way through full integration, testing and internal training for overall adoption.

Expert Business Technology Consulting Services

Microsoft Professional Services / Migrations

Microsoft Experts as Managed Service Providers, let us manage your IT Support, Security, Migration, Teams Telephony and Disaster Recovery at fixed monthly prices, per user.
Microsoft Teams is much, MUCH Better than Slack or Zoom for videoconferencing and 365 integration.

Microsoft Teams

For your communication and collaboration needs.

Microsoft Exchange projects and augmented employees available to implement cloud based technologies.

Microsoft Exchange

For secure, cloud-based email and spam filtering.

Microsoft Intune projects and augmented employees available to implement cloud based technologies.

Microsoft Intune

For your secure management of your desktops and servers, from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics projects and augmented employees available to implement cloud based technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For your CRM and ERP needs.

Cloud Adoption Training

For professional training on all implementation, management and troubleshooting aspects of these cloud applications.

KB Article Creation

For your documentation and internal/partner knowledge sharing.

Transform Your Operations with Professional Services and Migration Solutions!

Call In the Cloud Tech today and we will help you envision, strategize, integrate, and maintain a strong, streamlined IT environment through dependable, secure and effective infrastructure management.

A Deep Dive Into Professional Technical Services and Migrations

cloud technology consulting, Business Cloud Technology Consulting Cloud Network Solution digital background. Cyber Security and Cloud Technology Concept

Simply put, Cloud technology consulting is the process of advising businesses on how to best use cloud technology and software (SaaS) to benefit their business. It can refer to the design and development, implementation, or management of new cloud technologies and services.

As a Cloud Technology Consulting and business technology consultant, we are responsible for the recommendation of cloud technology services and improvements for an organization or a business. We work independently as contractors or for a firm, and as consultants who work to optimize company cloud technologies, operations, and efficiency. We use our vast Cloud technology experience and expertise in analyzing a company’s business and market needs and consult to devise recommendations for streamlining cloud operations and productivity.

We are cloud technology and business technology consultants with degrees in information technology (IT), business, marketing, or related cloud technology fields and have experience in various technologies and how you can use cloud technology consulting to increase efficiency and profitability. Our technology consultants possess strong communication, analytical, technological, and business skills and be comfortable working with clients and technology teams.

Cloud technology has become a critical component of business success and due to its rapid growth and expansion into virtually every industry, and it is more important than ever for organizations to understand how to leverage various cloud technologies and services. Technology consultants can help business clients accelerate growth, cut costs, mitigate risk, attract, and develop talent, and streamline important processes.

Who Hires Professional Service Consultants and Why?

cloud technology consulting, Business Cloud Technology Consulting Cyber cloud symbol project creating. Abstract concept of data storage, database, computing, servers, archive and documents safety 3d illustration. Drawing digital scheme line of futuristic idea.

Cloud technology consultants are hired to do many things. These could include custom software development, infrastructure planning, security analysis, and risk assessment. Cloud services and technology consultants could also advise on the strategic or financial sides of technology and software, such as how to invest in cost-efficient systems or how to integrate new software across multiple departments.

Cloud technology services is an ever-changing industry, and the best technology consultants keep up with the latest technology trends. Not only does this keep stakeholders informed, but it meets clients’ expectations of you as the cloud technology “expert”. The most up-to-date expertise helps our clients remain competitive in the industry.

A global tidal wave of cloud-driven transformations will continue to grow as it has grown over the last few years. As the pace of change accelerates, so has the need to quickly embrace new cloud technology services. Companies need a fundamentally different approach to building and managing cloud technology—one better suited to the ever-changing reality of today’s business landscape. Anticipating and preparing for this cloud revolution of services requires cloud industry specific guidance and knowledge.

cloud technology consulting, Business Cloud Technology Consulting

Our cloud technology consulting and integration strategy and cloud adoption services help organizations succeed and build business value thanks to resilient industry-specific technology architectures, as well as cost-efficient and flexible cloud and data solutions.

No two clients are alike for cloud consulting, services, or acceleration. We bring our industry expertise to your ROI and intelligent operating model and innovation with data driven enterprise solutions, network and connectivity services and resilient modern architectures to solve your unique cloud technology needs. We are backed by a team of remarkable talent with vast experience in global cloud integration technologies and integration knowledge to each engagement.

We know the implementation of cloud technology services seems enormous, but by using cloud technology consulting from a leading cloud services expert, and company can rest assured it is using best in class cloud technologies from a known provider and that cloud security will never be compromised. 

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