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Teams Consulting as a Service (CaaS)

Experts for Optimal Project Integration of the Essential Collaboration and Telephony Solution

Microsoft Teams is an essential collaboration tool that gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Teams Consulting as a Service is a flexible and agile framework that gives you access to all our Microsoft, Teams, and Telephony experts whenever you need them. Teams consulting services can play a vital role in ensuring client success, but as Cloud, VoIP and Teams adoptions increase, the challenge of finding people with the right experience to implement and drive these strategies is also increasing.

Outside Teams Consulting Experts When you Need Support

With the rising cost of labor and increasing technical complexity of these solutions, you need to have experts on your team. But what happens when the resource you hired, train and invested on moves on somewhere else? What happens when suddenly, you are in a down market with not enough billable work to keep your full-time staff busy?

Migration as a Service - Managed Service

Teams and Teams Telephony Consulting as a Service

Consulting as a Service enables client and partner access to our Teams Engineers and Solutions Architects

Teams Deployment
and Migration

Teams and Teams Telephony Service Experts!

Teams Telephony
and PBX Integration

Teams and Teams Telephony Consultants and Engineers.

Teams Adoption

Co-Managed Service Provider: IT Support, Telephony, Security, Migration, Disaster Recovery, Backup and more, let's do this together!

Get immediate access to professional engineers and solutions architects who have collectively deployed thousands of Teams solutions across various enterprises.  With 20+ years of Telecom and Microsoft experience, we are an excellent choice to handle your Teams and Teams Telephony Professional Services projects. We act on your behalf, deliver end-to-end Professional Services, leaving you with only the client billing, done at your own market rates.

Why Consider Consulting as a Service over a Full-Time Staff?

Microsoft Experts as Managed Service Providers, let us manage your IT Support, Security, Migration, Teams Telephony and Disaster Recovery at fixed monthly prices, per user.Experience.  Proven track-record.  Innovation.  Speed.  Flexibility.

We know your day-to-day operations keep you busy, but some advancements like Microsoft Teams and Teams Telephony have created new niche service opportunities. Unfortunately, qualified talent is currently sparse in these areas, which is why we have come to offer Teams consulting as a service.  We also know what a monumental effort it is to start a Teams and Unified Communications division from scratch, many technology companies and Microsoft Partners have turned to consulting services. 

Our services are simple, and quickly scalable in both directions to meet demand, without the large overhead of full-time staff, or the management of full-time contractors. All the work we do is directly billable to the end client.

How Teams Consulting Works for You

We handle the complete end-to-end engineering effort, from discovery, implementation, troubleshooting and even training. The only thing our partners are responsible for is customer billing. All while working under your own brand name.

Teams CaaS could be the perfect solution for you to increase profits, reduce staffing costs, build customer loyalty, and instantly scale your own services on demand.

Consulting as a Service (CaaS), Consulting as a Service (CaaS) – Microsoft Teams, Teams Telephony

Big Returns with
Literally Zero Expenses

Gain big sales revenue and monthly recurring revenue for Teams/Teams Telephony solutions and Teams Professional Services.

Microsoft Teams

Start Offering Teams and Telephony Today

Start offering these exciting new services today that are ready in hours, not in months or years, complete with Professional Services consulting.


Fixed Partner Rate

Our flat partner rate to you means big profits on Teams projects for your clients, with no hiring, staff or training necessary.

Consulting as a Service (CaaS), Consulting as a Service (CaaS) – Microsoft Teams, Teams Telephony

No HR, Benefits, Taxes, or Training Needs

We handle everything except billing.  Our experts are paid by us and require no additional benefits like taxes or 401k!

Consulting as a Service (CaaS), Consulting as a Service (CaaS) – Microsoft Teams, Teams Telephony

All Our Time is
100% Billable

We deliver a 0% downtime to our clients, as every minute they spend on your projects is billable, by you, at your own market rates.

Consulting as a Service (CaaS), Consulting as a Service (CaaS) – Microsoft Teams, Teams Telephony

Improved Client Retention/Acquisition

Increase your chances of retaining clients by offering exciting new services, which also will attract new clients in your niche market

  • Here when you need immediate support
    Even if your customer already signed your agreement, but you lack the in-house expertise to drive this project.  It happens.  That’s a good time to reach out to get immediate project scope and execution support.

  • Get matched up with a team of experts
    We’ve already invested the time and money into training, qualifying, and identifying the key skillsets needed for the successful implementation of a project. This means you can now provide turn-key solutions to customers that help drive your bottom line.

  • Upfront, fixed costs and simple billing models
    You get our standard rate card, which gives you access to our entire team on an hourly basis. Because CaaS is flexible, you choose the types of resources you need—and for how long.

Your Project begins with In The Cloud Technologies

Whether your client has 100 or 10,000 employees, we are here to help.
Within 24 hours we will get started on your request and provide strategy, implementation and support as needed for the life of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Teams Consulting as a Service works when you have a specific project or outcomes that require expertise you don’t have in-house, but it also fits in when you need execution capabilities before starting a formal implementation project, after a project ends, and anywhere in between.

A lot of our clients use Teams Consulting as a Service for a mixture of situations—they might have projects going on concurrently and/or use Teams Consulting as a Service as a catch-all whenever they identify an urgent need for external support. Our team is also happy to help you decide how best to implement these consulting services into your communications projects.

Several of our clients have retained our Teams Consulting services for years and have incorporated it into their future strategies to ensure optimal functionality and security.   

In The Cloud Tech’s clients enjoy having this level of flexibility because they can use Teams Consulting for a bigger project one month, a couple of smaller projects the next month and only pay for time used.  Really, the length of the consulting engagement depends on what is right for your organization, and use can be staggered as to demand.

Usually, within 24 hours after the execution of the contract, our consultants can start on your request.

Here’s a typical Teams Consulting scenario: Your customer is looking to do a migration to Microsoft Teams, but your company doesn’t have Teams Subject Matter Expert on staff. In that scenario, we can provide a engineer that can take you from discovery to implementation and even training.

Staff augmentation is a better fit when you need a particular resource for more of an extended period of time. For example, you need a Teams Architect or a Teams Engineer for a 6 to 12-month long project that is solely dedicated to that single customer. Typically, the client is paying a premium to bring on dedicated staff and is not necessarily looking for someone to run their project.