Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications for Call Centers, Contact Center and large phone use systems for Teams based VoIP Telephony.The rise of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) has seen great success as a software deployment model that enables companies to only purchase the technology they need and is commonly obtained by a vendor in order to reduce IT, integration, and support costs.  Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications are most commonly deployed as a cloud-based CX solution in contact centers, but in some instances, an on-premise CCaaS software solution is more ideal.  These options are what’s driving this market for Government and Private channels, with a notable increase in popularity over the first half of 2021.

It’s commonly difficult for call centers to quickly deploy new features, functions, and channels without the help of an advanced Contact Center as a Service, Cloud Communications model.

In the Cloud Tech provides a flexible, fully scalable CCaaS service offering via a monthly subscription or on demand to deliver lower total cost of ownership and enable quick deployment of new features, functions and channels rather than the traditional “slash-and-burn” method of changing premise-based software.  Contact Center as a Service means no more hardware costs or maintenance duties, allowing for reallocation of of existing resources.

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications for large call centers and contact center for VoIP and Teams Cloud Telephony.

Call center as a service - cloud communications

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications

CCaaS is an ideal service solution for many contact centers, offering vast scalability as operational needs change. By providing the flexibility to pay for only the technology needed, investment is low and costs are significantly reduced while capabilities to better serve customers are expanded.

  • Multi channel customer experience analytics and reporting insights
  • Modern interactive voice response (IVR definition) and customizable  capabilities
  • Skills-based call routing for increased first contact resolution strategy
  • Improved contact center response performance while reducing operational costs

In the Cloud Tech has developed a truly genuine Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications that helps companies deliver outstanding customer experiences that maximize returns. Built on the industry-proven Microsoft Cloud Communications and Uniform Communications theory, this cloud-based contact center model simplifies contact center technology to quickly meet business objectives and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications is the Next Trend of SaaS!

In the early 2000s, traditional call center providers faces great challenges with the existing infrastructure in place.  When the CCaaS trend first hit the scene as an alternative to traditional call center software, limited ability to move full processes to the cloud led to service outages. Updates and maintenance presented MUCH bigger challenges than they do today.

Now, Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications has all the infrastructure and experience it needs to act as an ideal solution for call centers.  With the addition of faster and more reliable internet allows providers like In the Cloud Tech to update and monitor instantaneously, ensuring their clients never have to worry about outages or downtime.

As tools and technologies continue to become even more sophisticated, contact center service software will provide even greater advantages to users. Thanks to great advancements in Artificial Intelligence and even machine learning, Contact Center Service Cloud Solution tools can anticipate and respond to the needs of callers and representatives without any need for manual management.

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications for large call centers and contact center for VoIP and Teams Cloud Telephony.

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications Benefits

IT Staff Augmentation and Unified Communications Service for Professional project consulting, integration and adoption services in Boston, New Hampshire and Las Vegas.

By definition, CCaaS stands for “contact center as a service,” also known around the industry as cloud contact center software.  In the Cloud Tech helps contact centers transform historical and legacy issues into secure and reliable customer engagement centers through a customizable cloud platform and a customer first mindset. As we’ve operated in Telecommunications for decades, we have a deep understanding of the costs and complexities involved in running a contact center operation.

Cloud contact centers began as the solution to on-premises call center software, which suffered from all the usual problems of in-house and legacy demand solutions. By moving the technology to the cloud via third-party providers, call centers can focus MORE ON USING their software to provide exceptional experiences and LESS ON MANAGING an on-site solution.

Thanks to intelligent automation, Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications software greatly accelerates resolution times by thoroughly understanding caller needs and providing immediate assistance or quickly routing to appropriate agent teams when necessary.

Advantages of Contact Center as a Service for both Inbound and Outbound, Multi-channel Centers

CCaaS solutions provide incredible benefits for both inbound and outbound and multi-locational call centers.  In the Cloud Tech’s Intelligent Cloud Contact Center Software empowers agents to be more effective, hitting quotas more quickly and providing more informed services. Smart Dialers give agents more time with live prospects by ensuring reps are prepared and callers get agents with specific expertise.

  • Inbound Call Centers: For inbound call centers, In the Cloud Tech’s On-Screen Caller Info puts customer information at agents’ fingertips, so there is no need to deal with the frustration of repeating information on multiple calls. Everything logs automatically to the CRM provider of your choice, informing future calls and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Outbound call centers: For outbound call centers and prospecting salespeople, auto-dialer and predictive dialing solutions help maximize productivity and reduce fruitless calls. Reps make more connections with qualified candidates, helping them earn more and spend less time chasing down leads.

Other multi-channel tools, such as real-time and historical reporting, recording, and workforce management, help companies optimize resources and make life easier on sales and service reps.  Channel hopping and escalation features empower call centers to create truly customer-centric omnichannel experiences.

Fantastic Integration with CRM Systems Make Contact Center as a Service a Real No-Brainer!

The best solutions work with existing software and infrastructure to provide exceptional benefits. In the Cloud Tech provides robust, built-in integrations with leading CRM solutions including Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, NetSuite, Velocify and many others.  Just on the Microsoft side, we have numerous integrations with Teams, Intune, Dynamics and Exchange, as well as the entire 365 Office Suite of products.  For companies that use web-based CRM solutions, In the Cloud Tech offers a rich, extensive framework of Development Kits, APIs and even reference UIs.  No matter what your CRM software suite, In the Cloud Tech is an expert in working with your existing tools and legacy software to build solutions that empower contact center agents and drive real business results for our clients.

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications for large call centers and contact center for VoIP and Teams Cloud Telephony.

Without the right solution in place, contact centers can experience great frustrations and inefficiencies. Software without adaptive intelligence and proper integrations will force all agents to field more difficult calls, resulting in less sales and disgruntled customers.

If you want to provide your callers, customer service agents and sales teams with a tool that makes life easier before, during, and after every call, then you need a contact center service (CCaaS) Cloud Communications Solution. Outdated software and temporary solutions put reps into bad situations and lead to longer, negative call outcomes. With the right solution, your company can break free from the historical long hold times and uninformed agents.  Instead, you can now provide an industry-leading call center experience.

Call center needs have changed dramatically in just the last year alone, and as the pace of technological advancement and hybrid workplaces continue to increase, so must our ability to meet the growing expectations of both businesses and clients.

To learn more about In the Cloud Tech, Contact Center as a Service, and/or cloud-based contact center software, call us anytime at 1-857-321-8458.