Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Contact Center as a Service - Integration services provided by In the Cloud Tech, Boston Unified Communications provider.Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a software and telephony deployment model that enables companies to purchase any Cloud technology they need and is commonly managed by a vendor like us to reduce IT, integration, and support costs.  

As Cloud services gain momentum and evolve on an enterprise level, integration  directly equates to greater efficiency, lower costs, and integrating data.  In the Cloud Tech provides a flexible, fully scalable CCaaS service offering via a monthly subscription or on demand to deliver lower total cost of ownership and enable quick deployment of new features, functions and channels rather than the traditional “slash-and-burn” method of changing premise-based software.  Contact Center as a Service means no more hardware costs or maintenance duties, allowing for reallocation of of existing resources.

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One Base Package,
Add Only What You Need.
$ 20 All Inclusive Price Per User / Monthly
  • US & Canada Number
  • Domestic SMS & MMS
  • Unlimited calling within US and Canada
  • Advanced phone features
  • Make & receive calls from multiple devices / apps
  • Optional add-on: unlimited calling to 18 countries
Best Value

When we say pay for only what you need

Available Add-ons

See below for more information.

Available Teams Phones

Telephony Add-ons

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Bulk Toll-Free Minutes
In response to client requests, we are now offering Toll-Free minutes in bulk to be added to any calling service without the need for a long-term commitment, and there’s no set-up or activation fees. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Each license is for 1000 minutes per month and is only $25.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Choose from #’s:  800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Sending text messages to toll free numbers is permissible, as long as numbers are “text enabled.”

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Hardware as a Service
Starting at $15 a device, we can fully manage your telephony hardware and get you leading, exciting Internet devices and phones.  From cost-effective to technology leading devices, just talk to us and we’ll get you all fixed up.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Purchase and Deploy a complete phone system throughout your organization.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  No / Low upfront costs and predictable budgets. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Streamlined purchasing, include everything on a single invoice for simple end-to-end procurement.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
International Calling
Add International calling and SMS with ease!  Our clients can add a long distance option to any current rate plan and save on international dialing charges with multiple choices.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Pay-per-minute with International Long Distance Savings.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  A fixed number of monthly long distance minutes to call select countries using the local minutes in your current plan.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Countries include 55 of the most accessed locations.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
eFax Integration
Need faxing for compliance or communications? This service enables your business to reliably and securely send and receive business critical information to intended targets via the cloud. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Electronic signatures – swipe with your finger or drag and drop a “saved” signature onto your fax document.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Local, toll-free, and international numbers available.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  No fax machine needed, fax online from anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Additional Phone Numbers (DIDs)
Direct Inward Dialing  is a feature offered that allocates a range of telephone numbers associated with one or more phone lines.  The cost of each additional DID is $5.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Easily assign a personal number to each employee.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Does not require use of a separate physical phone line for each to connect to the PBX.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Allows for traffic to be split up and managed more effectively.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
Professional Services
In you need it, we can do it.  From Cloud Solution integration to Discovery and Architecture, one size does not fit all, and we have the solutions you need to stay on top.  For more info, contact us today!

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  IT Infrastructure, System Integration and IT Relocation.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Server Consolidation, Virtualization, Video Systems and Teams Room Architecture and Fulfillment.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  New or Multi-Office Setup, Logistics and Telephony Setup.


Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
Premier Support
Additional support packages to help minimize risk and reduce downtime.  From support to admin and user training, we help raise adoption rates significantly, ask us how! 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Minimize downtime and get support issues resolved quickly with priority response

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Connect directly with support engineers to diagnose problems via phone, chat, or email

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  With Premier Support, a Technical Account Manager can be assigned to ensure issue resolution and automated escalation.

Explaining Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

UCaaS vs. CCaaS – What is the Difference?

Cloud integration and Managed Cloud Operations with Augmented Staffing Experts!

UCaaS and CCaaS do have similar functionality, but they’re typically prioritized by different departments and used for different purposes.

UCaaS – Unified Communication as a Service brings together an enterprise’s communication applications (including voice, messaging, video, telephony, app collaboration and conferencing) into a single cloud-based platform. These solutions are typically utilized by IT to modernize phone systems and streamline workflows. They’re built to support mobility and interoffice collaboration, with new advanced features like call routing and forwarding, conference bridging, virtual receptionist, and voicemail-to-email transcription.

CCaaS – Contact Center as a Service then, also enables multichannel communication via a single cloud-based platform, but where UCaaS is more about internal collaboration, CCaaS is centered around customer communication. Utilization tends to be made (or heavily influenced) by sales and service leaders and contact center solutions are designed to make it easy for agents to connect with customers, whether those agents are outbound salespeople or inbound service reps. CCaaS includes features such as split recording, skills-based routing, customer authentication, and AI-powered voice analytics.

By bundling UCaaS and CCaaS, companies get the functionality of various apps and platforms from one Cloud-hosted vendor by integrating all functionality into one application that can handle both collaboration and communication. They also get the ability to heavily monitor network and employee behavior, with leading reporting and analysis tools for monitoring, recording and performance enhancing tools.  That means no expensive hardware to install or manage, one bill to pay, and one platform for IT to manage by integrating your call center into Teams.

5 Benefits of UCaaS and Contact Center Collaboration

Managed Cloud Services and professional project cloud technology consulting, integration and adoption services in Boston, New Hampshire and Las Vegas.By bundling UCaaS and CCaaS together, businesses immediately receive a much more solid foundation that provides technical equality at a very high level.

Stronger office/contact center collaboration

Contact centers might collaborate directly with internal departments or outbound marketing callers who pass warm leads along to inside sales. Other contact centers are mostly self-sufficient, but they might occasionally need insights and information from office employees.  As an example, if a customer calls a contact center with a question the agent can’t answer, then an agent can view a company directory in UCaaS, check employee statuses to see who’s available in a specific department, start a chat with that internal expert, and get instant answers. If the answers are complicated and require further discussion, the agent can route the customer directly to the expert’s phone.

Better Customer Service

Most people who reach out to a business don’t really know whether they’re talking to someone in an actual company or a contact center. This isn’t really a primary concern, but they absolutely expect fast service and a seamless calling experience. They don’t want to be asked to identify themselves repeatedly, authorize access multiple times or even be told to call a different number. Yet, that’s what happens when office employees and contact center agents don’t communicate in real time or simply route calls to one another.  As an example, imagine a caller who needs tech support and calls the salesperson who sold them the product.  Instead of just giving the customer the tech support hotline number, the salesperson can reach out directly to the contact center team, tee up the conversation, ensure someone is ready to help, and then loop the customer into the call.  UCaaS/CCaaS integration is ideally useful in industries or functions where callers are authenticated, interactions recorded and logged for compliance or large volume of incoming and outgoing calls. When these two systems are integrated, callers only need to be authenticated once, even if they’re routed from one location to another.

Optimized CRM integration

Unified communications platforms are designed to integrate with CRM applications like Hubspot, SharpSpring, Salesforce and many others that enable features like click-to-dial and automatic call logging. While utilizing UCaaS, users can see screen pops identifying incoming callers that come complete with live customer data from CRM. They can also be encouraged and prompted to enter additional information about each call or client interaction, which also gets forever logged in any leading CRM.  By integrating CCaaS and UCaaS, contact center agents get the same functionality which allows CRM systems to stay up to date.  Teams across locations and functions can share data about customer interactions with no awkward toggling or multiple logins required.

Integrated Data

IT Staff Augmentation Support for MSPs and Tier 3 Technical Support, augmented staffing for tech.

CCaaS is an ideal service solution for many contact centers, offering vast scalability, even as operational needs change.  By providing the flexibility to pay for only the technology needed, investment is low, and costs are significantly reduced while capabilities to better serve customers are expanded.  Multi-channel customer experience analytics and reporting insights go together with these modern interactive data communications like voice response (IVR definition) and customizable capabilities, which result in skills-based call routing for increased first contact resolution strategy. 

The UCaaS/CCaaS combination is a growing trend for many companies struggling to provide for their distributed workforces.  This Cloud delivery model offers an advanced set of communication and collaboration applications and services where integrated communications data means teams across departments and functions are on the same page. Long term, it means being able to leverage sophisticated data analytics tools, IoT automations, and AI algorithms.

Reduced cost of communications

Individually, UCaaS and CCaaS reduce communications costs by providing most everything possible in a unified manner. Rather than piecing together various or legacy phone services, conferencing solutions, and video applications, businesses can now easily get all these services from one platform, in a familiar setting and user interface. By bundling UCaaS and CCaaS, companies get the functionality of both platforms from one vendor, which means no expensive hardware to install or manage, one bill to pay, and one platform for IT to manage.  CCaaS solutions provide incredible benefits for both inbound and outbound and multi-locational call centers.  In the Cloud Tech’s Intelligent Cloud Contact Center Software empowers agents to be more effective, hitting quotas more quickly and providing more informed services. Smart Dialers give agents more time with live prospects by ensuring reps are prepared and callers get agents with specific expertise.  Other multi-channel tools, such as real-time and historical reporting, recording, and workforce management, help companies optimize resources and make life easier on sales and service reps.  Channel hopping and escalation features empower call centers to create truly customer-centric omnichannel experiences.

How CCaaS Benefits Partners and White-Label Subcontractors

Many enterprises are still working through the Cloud migration process but are coordinating this process with the next big step – digital transformation integration.  In this process, technology purchasers still need guidance on how communications tools work together, which solutions work best together, and how to make overall integration as painless as possible.

In the Cloud Tech’s channel partners are well positioned to be integration experts, and as a result, to drive sales, repeat business, and referrals. This allows companies the ability to integrate UCaaS and CCaaS together, as a bundled service. That means a more robust sale for all channel partners, and because UCaaS and CCaaS are typically initiated and utilized by different business management types, so this also means access to new decision-makers and budgets. Channel partners can negotiate bigger deals, and their clients get best-in-class communications solutions that work and provide enormous advances in collaboration and communication on an enterprise level.