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In the Cloud Technologies, LLC. – Demetrius Cassidy, Founder and President
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In the Cloud Tech Founder, Demetrius Cassidy, Expert for Cloud industry leadership, projects and augmented staffing.For the last 4 years, Demetrius Cassidy has been the Founder and President of In The Cloud Technologies, a leading Boston and New Hampshire based Cloud Integration and Telecommunications company.

Demetrius has been working in Telecommunications his whole career, working with Fortune 500 companies and as an independent consultant working with great products such as Microsoft Teams. Having such a niche skillset has lead him to find some very interesting opportunities with companies like Raytheon Technologies, who was involved in corporate and special-mission aircraft development.

Demetrius Cassidy, Demetrius Cassidy – Founder, In the Cloud TechAnother passion of Demetrius, is the newly evolving Unified Communications (UC) community, since the work addresses hybrid workplaces and even technical equality. Although sometimes very challenging, he still finds it to be very interesting and enjoyable.  He particularly enjoys the immediate impact the company can bring to a client, easing pain points along the way and the response successful integration and execution brings.  He really  likes when we can go into a company, examine their architecture through a discovery process, and present a technology roadmap that gives more functionality and costs less than current practices. That’s the beauty of the Cloud, according to Demetrius, he really does his best work under a time crunch and in difficult situations.  He notes it’s because his skills never languish, because he’s consistently at the top of the learning curve.  He has always been adamant about avoiding working with a singular technology, as it keeps everything fresh and exciting for me.

Prior to running his consulting business, Demetrius Cassidy was leading a team of highly skilled engineers in the Unified Communications industry. He has been working with voice and video conferencing technologies for the past 15 years and has seen the rise in popularity firsthand of a remote workforce. Based on this, he has made it his mission is to enable other companies to adopt a remote or hybrid-first workforce style that’s flexible and fair.

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In the Cloud Tech Founder, Demetrius Cassidy, Expert for Cloud industry leadership, projects and augmented staffing.