Integrating Microsoft Teams


The New Culture of Teamwork and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams as a Platform: Embedding Teams as your core Employee Collaboration Tool​

Easy to Integrate, Evolve and Grow… Together!
Teams can become your phone system, primary communication, collaboration and meeting/scheduling method, as well as mapping and migrating all your mail and files, while incorporating all existing Team Sites, channels, and users into one centralized, familiar Microsoft structure.

An Intuitive, Familiar and Easy to Use Interface 
Once in Teams, everything is easy to do, as Teams guides users through intuitive tailored options and apps that are available based on roles, purposes, mobile devices and even locations.

Administrative Single Pane of Glass Management  
Through one centralized location, administrators can track all Teams use, inventory, accounts and permissions with detailed reports to help you oversee, automate, and audit Teams data, ownership, access, activity and much more.

integrating teams, Integrating Microsoft Teams
integrating teams, Integrating Microsoft Teams

Personalized Discovery
Our best-practice approach features workshops, training, and support focused on potential solutions to see how to further customize and optimize for your benefit.  In this phase, we work with teams to understand all capabilities, while identifying technical challenges and specific requirements.

Stakeholder Management

We work closely with stakeholders to ensure they’re involved in every step of the process so they understand the value and can clearly articulate benefits. Depending on the size, scale and impact, we work with the broader teams to support adoption success.

Customized Launch Plan

Every project is different. Depending on the size and scale of the project, as well as how it impacts everyone, we can shape an appropriate launch plan that effectively communicates and educates colleagues, with training designed for maximum adoption success throughout all aspects of the company.


Implementation Phases to Integration:

integrating teams, Integrating Microsoft Teams


Moving from Slack to Teams?

integrating teams, Integrating Microsoft TeamsIn The Cloud Tech will expertly Migrate you from Slack to Microsoft Teams

A smart migration from Slack requires a proven approach that securely and completely moves all of your channels, messages, chats, files, and customizations to Teams. In The Cloud Tech has the expertise in both platforms—along with the proven migration methodology and tools—to make it simple to move all your data to Teams without data loss, barriers, or unexpected issues.  The process to assess the migration typically takes roughly three weeks, resulting in a formalized transition plan.

Assessment Agenda:

  • Review of inventory of Slack environment
  • Review of Slack customizations, integrations, and migration path
  • Categorize channels as archive, delete, and migrate
  • Migration prioritization and sequencing
  • Create Teams rollout support plan
  • Create Teams developer education plan

Assessment Deliverables:

  • Inventory
  • Roadmap
  • Stakeholder Briefing/Update
  • Project Timeline
  • A Teams rollout support plan
  • A Teams developer education plan
  • Training Schedule
  • Cost Breakdown and Itemized Project Total

Our Teams Solution is more efficient and comprehensive than ANY other!


  • # Channels
  • Migration type
  • Business Process
  • Customizations


  • Information Architecture
  • Governance (Developer)
  • Application Mapping
  • Solution Design


  • Business Processes
  • Customizations
  • Stakeholder Agreements
  • End User

Communication Plan

  • Communications Plan
  • Developer Evangelism
  • Rollout Planning
  • Plan Distribution

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