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Finding an IP Telephony Specialist In Boston

If you’re looking for an IP telephony specialist in the Boston or New England area, there are a few things you should keep in mind to get the best people possible to help you with projects like Cloud VoIP deployments.

Check Reviews and Social Media

Any company that has IP telephony specialists that can help you with your project should have reviews online. There are different places that you can look to get an outside opinion on the company offering you an IP telephony specialist in New England. Here are some examples.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Not all businesses are accredited through the BBB, but the company will often give a preliminary review of a potential source of IT telephony experts anyway. The ratings here go from A+ to F, based on the particulars of the business.

You can often find details here such as how long a company has been in business, where the company is located physically, who the president is if the company has any other names, what their credentials might be for telephony specialists, and more.

The BBB site lets people file complaints about a particular company, so if you don’t see any complaints at all, this is often a good sign. The BBB evaluates companies for how transparent they are with customers, how they resolve complaints, how many they have in the first place, and many other rubric details.

The best possible evaluation is “A+” on a regular school grading scale.


Some companies will have Facebook pages you can check that you can arrive at by searching for the type of service you want such as for telephony IT services. You can get a sense of how popular a site is, you can get to know the people of the company better, read about what their mission is, see what you get from new IT telephony advisory sessions for the new world, check for contact information, price range, or even send messages directly.

Also, Facebook pages will sometimes have reviews and comments from users that interacted with a company offering specialists that you need so that you can get a sense of whether they would work for you personally.


Another place to review companies that offer telephony specialists is on places like Yelp. They can give you a 1-5 star rating for the company right away. This will also include photos relevant to the company, reviews for third parties who also got help with their cloud deployment, and more information on top of that.

Inquire About Local New England Knowledge for Telephony IT Services

New England is an area of the country where there can be a lot of regulations that affect cloud deployment and other telephony operations. This means that it’s important to go with a company that understands the area and how the regulations may affect deployment and the IT profession for telephony services generally.

That’s why you want to make sure that a company or individual you decide to use or hire for this purpose understands this and has worked within that framework before.

This could include companies that are working remotely, of course. It’s entirely possible to set up cloud operations remotely these days, and it may even be advantageous given the current situation regarding the pandemic in the world.

Look for Flexible Communication Methods

It helps to be able to communicate with a company in the way that you prefer that maximizes usefulness for your particular situation. This means that you’re going to want options like email address, phone number, knowledge of their exact location if you want physical mail or to visit them in person, live chat, and email forms right from their site.

Live chat is often an effective way to get information about telephony specialists in Boston quickly if you need to implement a particular IT strategy that you need help finishing.

This way, if you are comfortable with using a phone, for example, you can switch to that quickly and easily, such as if the situation just calls for live audio communication.

Getting Started

In the end, it helps to go with a company like In the Cloud Technologies for handling your cloud VoIP deployments. It’s definitely not necessarily an intuitive process, and you’re going to want to get specialists to guide you through it for the following reasons.

Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services

You’re going to want a company like In the Cloud Technologies to help you understand Microsoft’s specific services to control the success of your business. This could include the need to move a legacy system due to it being out of date or for any other reason.

Perhaps you need more bandwidth, additional workloads, or just specific knowledge for a cloud project you have coming up. Only companies like In the Cloud Technologies are going to provide the specialists required for this.

Hitting Deadlines and Accomplishing Your Goals

The best companies can consult with you to help you hit the goals you have for your company in terms of strategy. IT telephony specialists can look at your business carefully and analyze what it needs to achieve success. It’s hard to overemphasize how much a strong IT assessment can aid your company in getting ahead after changes are implemented according to your company’s specific situation.

Becoming Economical

Another way that telephony and IT specialists can aid your objectives is by helping to decrease how much you spend on IT processes. That way, those who work for you can instead focus on accomplishing strategy points. An effective company can make sure that no IT problems get in your way, that your networks are running the way you want, and that there are no impediments to you and your employees running your business the way that you want.

In The Cloud Technologies: Your IP Telephony Specialists

For more information about how you can find an IP telephony specialists in the New England area and implement cloud VoIP deployments and other related projects, please don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The quicker you contact us, the quicker we can get started with your systems.