Keep Ransomware From Destroying Your Company (Especially SMBs)

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s no secret that ransomware attacks are a looming threat to businesses of all kinds. However, ransomware attacks can be particularly catastrophic for small-to-midsize businesses that may not have the resources to reclaim compromised information that hackers are threatening to expose. Despite periodic cybersecurity trainings, many business leaders today are not aware of how ransomware attacks are shifting in the face of work-from-home conditions, IoT, deception technology and more. The following information provides valuable insight into the world of ransomware, how your business can stay prepared and how to react if you encounter such an attack.

Warding off Ransomware Remotely

As more and more companies opt to manage operations remotely, leaders must consider how to adapt their cybersecurity measures to effectively combat cyber attacks like ransomware. Because remote employees have less access to security resources such as company firewalls, group policies, remediation and detection scripts, and on-premises security and anti-virus definitions, they are automatically more susceptible to breaches of all kinds. What is more, the use of “split-tunneling” VPNs — or no VPNs at all — further increases vulnerabilities.

With most remote employees using cloud-based technologies as opposed to corporate networks, it is essential that they perform daily back-ups and regular detection of cloud malware and other threats. After all, 1 in 10 companies has malware in their cloud storage facility, according to a recent Cyber Security Magazine report. By prioritizing surveillance and detection efforts, SMBs can take a stand against ransomware attacks.

IoT and Deception Technology Are Changing Ransomware 

Business leaders should also examine how IoT (Internet of things) and deception technology could impact their cybersecurity. As objects and even places gain technological enhancements — cars and toys, for example — the risk of cyber threats and ransomware attacks increases exponentially, according to a 2020 study. To combat this trend, companies may consider utilizing deception technology to detect, analyze and defend against ransomware attacks.

What’s Missing From Your Cybersecurity Trainings

In an effort to eliminate cybersecurity attacks once and for all, many companies choose to invest in quarterly cybersecurity/educational trainings. Unfortunately, because these types of sessions are so frequent, they tend to become less and less effective until employees tune out completely. Ultimately, this leads teams to encounter more cybersecurity issues, especially when trainings culminate in “pass/fail” employee testing.

Toss Out the Scare Tactics 

At In The Cloud Technologies, we believe that informative, “in the moment” cybersecurity trainings are the most impactful. Our experienced professionals take the time to learn about your company’s needs and culture, keeping trainings engaging from start to finish. Unlike our competitors, we know that imposing statistics and scare tactics aren’t the best ways to protect your business long-term. Over the years, we’ve learned that cybersecurity measures are most impactful when teams truly care about protecting their company. With this in mind, our experts foster a positive environment where your team can learn and thrive.

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