Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Focus on your business, not your technology

Since the formation of our company, In The Cloud Technologies has excelled in offering Tier 1, Tier 2 and most importantly Tier 3 technical services (see Understanding the Three Different Tiers of MSP and IT Support below).  Through our longstanding Professional Services work, we have accumulated the subject matter experts (SME) necessary to utilize and offer all tiers of IT support services to our MSP clients.

We realize that technology is a crucial component for organizations. From hospitals and doctors’ offices to small businesses and nonprofits, every organization requires information technology to function successfully and to be in compliance with governing or regulatory commissions.  The managing various aspects of technology infrastructures is a full time job in itself, and probably very different than the industry you primarily operate within.

Remember One Thing... All MSPs are NOT Created Equally.

Microsoft Experts as Managed Service Providers, let us manage your IT Support, Security, Migration, Teams Telephony and Disaster Recovery at fixed monthly prices, per user.

Primary Benefits by Employing a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We deliver value by allowing you to concentrate on your business success while reducing downtime and controlling costs. We take a strategic business approach by consulting with you to understand your business technology needs, then evaluate and recommend the best technology to meet those needs.  This technology is developed to fit your business – not the other way around.  That’s our key to success.  We know there’s not one size that fits all and that each client is unique, with unique needs. Upon sign-off of strategy, we implement the appropriate managed IT support services seamlessly.

The outsourcing of IT support services to a Managed Service Provider is one of the biggest reasons companies large and small partner with companies like In the Cloud Tech, to ease the pain and reduce the headaches related to running a business. Smart business owners understand that it is nearly impossible to have deep enough knowledge of all the aspects of running a business let alone finding the resources to operate efficiently and that is where we shine.

Commonly, as an MSP, we deliver services such as network, application, infrastructure, and security, via ongoing and regular support and active administration remotely.  

We typically provide a vast array of IT support services for our clients, forging long-term partnerships at a fixed monthly rate for all-inclusive continuous services, serving small to mid-sized business.  Our clients are typically understaffed, while some organizations lacking an in-house IT staff altogether.  For less cost than one mid-level employee, we can provide you access to our entire team of skilled engineers, designers and marketing professionals.

With IT skills ever-growing in demand and ever short in supply, MSPs can provide valuable support in helping customers scale to meet a new initiative (such as software deployment) without having to add and train headcount. An MSP can also provide specialized skills in technology areas that are in need. Additionally, MSPs typically have experience across diverse environments so can provide valuable expertise when it comes to tackling a challenge, or in vetting possible solutions.

What Exactly is a
Managed Service Provider?

A Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) is used globally by all types of companies, big and small. An MSP helps businesses improve operations by either augmenting their IT department or fully becoming their outsourced IT department. This includes onsite IT support, remote IT help desk, infrastructure, and network maintenance, troubleshooting and so much more.

Not only will an MSP likely cut expenses but businesses that utilize an MSP will gain an IT partner that will guide them along the business technology journey.

MSPs are typically categorized into three groups, or levels of service, commonly known as Tiers.

Saves You Time and Money

An MSP allows you to have access to a team of professionals, versus hiring one in house person.

Access to Experts

Technology implementation requires experts, time and resources that our clients don't always have to spare.

Get Expert Security 24/7

Keeping up with Security alone takes a team with
various skills, why hire multiple employees?

Understanding the Three Different Tiers of MSP and IT Support (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)

Tier I or Level 1 – Tier I or Level 1, is the first support level accountable for basic issues. It is also known as first-line support, level 1 support, support line 1 and others to denote basic support function. The job of a Tier 1 support is to gather the customer’s data and to determine the issue. This is done by examining the symptoms and finding out the fundamental problem.

Tier II or Level 2 – Tier II or Level 2, is in-detail technical support level. It costs more as the technicians are experienced and well-informed on a particular product. It is also known as administrative level support, level 2 support and many other titles. These titles signify advanced methodological troubleshooting and investigation methods. Technicians in this level are accountable for assisting Tier 1 personnel to resolve any technical problem. They examine raised issues by confirming the rationality of the problem. They also look for known solutions related to these complex issues. However, it is vital to a support executive to understand the accomplished tasks by the Tier 1 technician before beginning the troubleshooting progression.

The Tier 2 technician needs to know how long the Tier 1 technician has been occupied with the particular problem of a customer. This is a main component in fulfilling both the business and customer needs. This permits the specialist to rank the troubleshooting tasks and properly manage the allocated time.

Managed Service Provider, Managed Service Provider (MSP)In The Cloud Tech Offers Full, Tier 3 Level Service Including:

  • IT Policies and Program Creation
  • Scoping / Evaluation Potential IT Solutions
  • Discovery and Road-mapping for Solution Implementation
  • IT operations, Network, and Security Performance Monitoring
  • Help desk Support and Ticketing System
  • Network and Application Monitoring/Management
  • E-mail, Archiving and Data Storage
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Software Installation, Updating, and Patching
  • Configuration Management and Optimization
  • IT Security for Networks, Desktop and Mobile Use
  • Automated Backup and Cloud Storage Integration
  • Migration and Professional Services


What Hiring a Tier 3 MSP Brings that Traditional Tier 1 and Tier 2 MSPs Do Not

Professional Services

Not every MSP offers or can handle Tier 3 level work.  In fact, it’s quite rare that an MSP can employee all the talent to handle any scenario that comes up.  We know this because we commonly work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 MSPs and IT groups to handle projects outside their expertise.  Imagine the benefits of having your MSP also be able to do most anything you need. Tier III or Level 3, is the uppermost level of support in a technical support model accountable for resolving the most difficult problems. It is also known as back-end support, level 3 support, high-end support and many other titles. The title denotes expert level support for troubleshooting. These technicians are specialists in their areas and are accountable for assisting both Tier 1 and Tier 2 personnel. They are also responsible for research and development of resolutions to unknown issues. Tier 3 specialists have the same duty as Tier II specialists in understanding the work order. They also assess the period already consumed with the customer to prioritize the work. They ensure that time is utilized sufficiently.

Managed Service Provider, Managed Service Provider (MSP)24×7 Proactive Management

Our fully staffed, remote help desk, service team and ticket system are all here to manage your IT systems with perpetual monitoring, asset management, scheduled security scans, automated patch deployment, website and database care, server health assessments, and much, much more.  If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us.  Our trained Subject Matter Experts are all Tier 3 proficient, with years, if not decades of experience in all platforms and aspects of technology.  Through our automated alert system, we know of issues within seconds of happening.   This allows us to provide immediate attention to any situation, as our distributed workforce currently spans across multiple time-zones and countries, leaving us fully staffed at any time of day.

Live Help

It seems like most IT companies go out of their way to avoid live interactions, preferring you to leave a message or wait and navigate an automated phone message that never seems to get you to the right person.  We don’t do that, as we actually answer the phone!  I know, crazy right? No!  It’s not. 

In our thinking, it’s just respectful.  It’s not uncommon for our President or COO to answer the phone, because we always enjoy talking to our clients and hearing the successes and failures that they commonly face every day. Chances are, if something affects one company, then it’s bound to affect another.  It’s this methodology that keeps us learning, and what provides such amazing value to our clients.  To us, it is very important to us that your call is answered by a human in our office and directed to the appropriate resource to resolve your issue. Optionally, support cases submitted online receive the same priority handling as phone calls and streamline your workflow.

Flexible Service Programs

From our unlimited, all-inclusive perspective, 100% of your on-demand support and comprehensive managed services components are delivered at a fixed monthly cost, where customized programs are built to suit your requirements. We have the flexibility to meet your unique technology needs.  Better yet, used in combination with our Professional Services department, In the Cloud Tech can handle every aspect of a company’s technology needs, which is fairly uncommon in the industry. 

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We examine this developing trend of porting communications and user functions to the cloud and ask will it as a service become the standard for years to come? Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS – Download here) is picking up speed and seeing great returns on investment, especially when combined with support and other service stack offerings.   This eBook begins by examining the current state of technology for remote/hybrid workers.