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One Base Package,
Add Only What You Need.
$ 20 All Inclusive Price Per User / Monthly
  • US & Canada Number
  • Domestic SMS & MMS
  • Unlimited calling within US and Canada
  • Advanced phone features
  • Make & receive calls from multiple devices / apps
  • Optional add-on: unlimited calling to 18 countries
Best Value

Available Teams Phones

Telephony Add-ons

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Bulk Toll-Free Minutes
In response to client requests, we are now offering Toll-Free minutes in bulk to be added to any calling service without the need for a long-term commitment, and there’s no set-up or activation fees. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Each license is for 1000 minutes per month and is only $25.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Choose from #’s:  800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Sending text messages to toll free numbers is permissible, as long as numbers are “text enabled.”

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Hardware as a Service
Starting at $15 a device, we can fully manage your telephony hardware and get you leading, exciting Internet devices and phones.  From cost-effective to technology leading devices, just talk to us and we’ll get you all fixed up.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Purchase and Deploy a complete phone system throughout your organization.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  No / Low upfront costs and predictable budgets. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Streamlined purchasing, include everything on a single invoice for simple end-to-end procurement.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
International Calling
Add International calling and SMS with ease!  Our clients can add a long distance option to any current rate plan and save on international dialing charges with multiple choices.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Pay-per-minute with International Long Distance Savings.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  A fixed number of monthly long distance minutes to call select countries using the local minutes in your current plan.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Countries include 55 of the most accessed locations.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
eFax Integration
Need faxing for compliance or communications? This service enables your business to reliably and securely send and receive business critical information to intended targets via the cloud. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Electronic signatures – swipe with your finger or drag and drop a “saved” signature onto your fax document.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Local, toll-free, and international numbers available.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  No fax machine needed, fax online from anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Additional Phone Numbers (DIDs)
Direct Inward Dialing  is a feature offered that allocates a range of telephone numbers associated with one or more phone lines.  The cost of each additional DID is $5.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Easily assign a personal number to each employee.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Does not require use of a separate physical phone line for each to connect to the PBX.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Allows for traffic to be split up and managed more effectively.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
Professional Services
In you need it, we can do it.  From Cloud Solution integration to Discovery and Architecture, one size does not fit all, and we have the solutions you need to stay on top.  For more info, contact us today!

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  IT Infrastructure, System Integration and IT Relocation.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Server Consolidation, Virtualization, Video Systems and Teams Room Architecture and Fulfillment.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  New or Multi-Office Setup, Logistics and Telephony Setup.


Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
Premier Support
Additional support packages to help minimize risk and reduce downtime.  From support to admin and user training, we help raise adoption rates significantly, ask us how! 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Minimize downtime and get support issues resolved quickly with priority response

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Connect directly with support engineers to diagnose problems via phone, chat, or email

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  With Premier Support, a Technical Account Manager can be assigned to ensure issue resolution and automated escalation.

Teams and Teams Telephony – Reworking Physical Spaces

Once you have determined your policies for maximum communications flexibility, use them to guide your approach to physical space. From this point forward, businesses can NOT rely solely on physical spaces to collaborate, connect, and build social equity.  That is not to say physical space isn’t still important, because it is.  People are social beings, and they want to get together, bounce ideas off one another, and feel the energy of in-person discussions. To have the ability to read body language and communicate live.  Microsoft has been researching their employees and looking at everything from graphs, to habits, and employee traffic patterns. Just to understand how best to equip teams with the spaces they need, while knowing those needs will evolve over time.

Unified Communications Benefits for hybrid and remote workforces, advanced communications, chat, messaging, calendar, communicating employees.Working Towards a Technical Equality

Attempts are being made at how to reimagine physical settings because everyone does not have the same home-based opportunities.  Some simply do not have an ideal home environment for remote work, be it unreliable internet, distractions from family/roommates, or even that they do not have enough space for a designated work area. These notions of technical equality are important, so some employees are not at a disadvantage.

A successful transition will have mitigated or even eliminated these issues about how they implement hybrid work. For example, sales teams who need to come to the office infrequently can use a hoteling model to book workstations for the day or hour, while engineering teams may need dedicated collaboration spaces and workstations. To accommodate remote workers, some companies are considering offsite coworking hubs or onsite communications rooms.

One thing we know is how we work will continue to evolve, so we greatly recommend building flexibility into every space that is designed or reimagined.  Moving forward, office space needs to bridge the physical and digital worlds and meet the unique needs of every team and specific roles.

Bridging the Gap with Teams Rooms for Maximum Unified Communications Benefits

Initially, it’s critical is to begin bridging the gap between in-person and remote experiences.  Working together when everyone is in the office is practiced and straightforward, but now we figured out how to get things done anyway. For less money. Isn’t that the point?

What remains now, is how best to handle that middle area, combining the people physically together, and others are joining virtually. That is surely going to be the real
challenge. As remote and hybrid workers now leave a lot of empty office space, one trend has been towards building what’s being referred to as a “Teams Room.” This adaption of space is being used to provide an amazing quality collaboration and communications atmosphere that can serve multiple purposes.

Investing in your Foundation –  Unified Communications Benefits are Forever

Today’s state-of-the-art Microsoft Teams Rooms include high-quality audio and video to help everyone be seen and heard. Meeting room cameras deliver high-definition video streams and optimize the view by framing the people in the room or following the active speaker. Intelligent speakers identify who in the room is speaking, and individual names and profiles are represented in meeting transcripts.

People onsite can write directly on a Surface Hub or even from their own phone or laptop, while remote participants can draw on the same shared digital canvas. In addition, Intelligent Capture cameras can capture, focus, resize, and enhance analog whiteboard images and text, so remote attendees can clearly see brainstorming, even when someone is blocking the whiteboard.

Microsoft Teams Telephony and Collaboration Advantages

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) enables users on Microsoft Teams to effectively communicate via text chat, voice call, or video conferencing from any location in the world. Today, Microsoft Teams Telephony can even augment your company’s telephone system, further empowering users to take and make calls from any phone or internet-connected device, while keeping the same numbers and provider. This integrated, best-in-class remote meeting and calling solution provides premium quality HD Video and HD Audio.

  • Reduce costs: Eliminate hardware costs and scale services as you need.
  • Improve call quality: Our Tier 1 carriers are known for pristine services.
  • Expand service reach: We deliver voice calling services across 25 countries.
  • Automated Performance Monitoring: Fully managed, 24/7 performance monitoring with real-time analytics.
Boston Cloud Services Provider, Microsoft Teams VoIP and Augmented IT staffing company offering Cloud Integration for custom projects or daily duties.

Microsoft Teams Telephony - Seamlessly Integrated!

Best-in-class PSTN calling solution from Microsoft with Single Pane of Glass Management!

Hybrid Workplace, Microsoft Teams VoIP Direct Routing Flow Diagram - Microsoft Teams can now be used to handle incoming and outgoing calls and collaboration.

Our enterprise-grade PSTN solution delivers secure and reliable, unified cloud communications using Cloud voice with Microsoft Teams VoIP and Microsoft Direct Routing. Our fully managed voice network was built for the high demands of professional services and uses only carefully chosen Tier 1 carriers, with auto-failover and real time carrier redundancy. The service is secured by encryption and delivered 100% from the cloud.

Unleash the Power of Collaboration with Microsoft Teams!

Keeping teams digitally connected across the globe can be managed with the touch of a button! Launch a video or conference call in seconds, add team members, customers, and partners from anywhere. Rest assured that quality is top notch when using In the Cloud Tech’s high‑performance network. Always-on features including chat and file sharing can be quickly accessed on your desktop or mobile device. Each call is delivered to the optimal carrier which greatly improves audio quality and resilience, while at the same time further reduces costs.

Microsoft Teams VoIP Cloud telephony eliminates the need to provision and maintain on-premises equipment and it also simplifies IT environments and reduces costs. This provides users a secure means to communicate with customers and colleagues from any suitable internet-enabled device, allowing more flexible ways of working.

Microsoft Collaboration Tools for Hybrid Workplace, Microsoft Teams VoIP Cloud Telephony Boston augmented IT support (Tier 3) and specialized tech staffing company easy Cloud integration and collaboration.

Easy Collaboration

Unified Communication Tools for Hybrid Workplaces, Communications: Messaging, Mobility, Live Conversations, SMS, MMS, Chat and Online Faxing, resulting in of technical equality and uniform communications for all employees.

Flexible Chat and Messaging

Managed IT Services including IT Support, Cybersecurity and Backup/Disaster Recovery solutions at a fixed rate, per user fee!

Simplified Connections

Unified Communications image - In the Cloud Tech offers Teams contributions, collaboration and communication for technical equality.

Unified Communications

Fixed Cost, Delivered as a Service.

Technical Equality image - In the Cloud Tech offers Teams contributions, collaboration and communication for technical equality.

Technical Equality

Same User Experience for Everyone, Everywhere!

Teams Connectivity image - In the Cloud Tech offers Teams contributions, collaboration and communication for technical equality.

Team Connectivity

Incoming and Outgoing Calls in Teams

Teams Contribution image - In the Cloud Tech offers Teams contributions, collaboration and communication for technical equality.

Team Contribution

Teams Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Document Storage, Chat, Messaging, Video Conferencing, Groups

Phones and Teams Rooms Available - In the Cloud Tech designs Teams Rooms for Hybrid Workplace Solutions and Technical Equality.

Preserve Credentials

Keep the Same Provider and Existing Numbers

Teams Rooms Available - In the Cloud Tech designs Teams Rooms for Hybrid Workplace Solutions and Technical Equality.

Teams Rooms

Design, Architecture, and Integration of Custom

Microsoft Teams Telephony Solutions

Bundle Telephony with Managed Services and get BIG discounts on best-in-class Microsoft Solutions, all at a fixed monthly price, per user!

IT Staff Augmentation for Professional project consulting, integration and adoption services in Boston, New Hampshire and Las Vegas.

Research and forecasting show that unifying collaboration tools with business telephony is the next step, as businesses continue to move more and more functions to the cloud.  This can be accomplished with Microsoft Direct Routing and Teams.

With a cloud-based telephony system, users can make and receive calls on their   existing business numbers, through the same provider, from any location, using any internet-enabled device like PC’s, desk phones, cell phones and tablets, just to name a few.  While VoIP technology is hardly new, tying it to and using it with Direct Routing and Microsoft Teams is, and it is creating a lot of movement.

Benefits of Unified Communications (UCaaS) with Direct Routing

Simply put, Microsoft’s Cloud Telephony offering brings together both internal collaboration and external telephony, all routed directly through the Microsoft Teams interface.  By harnessing the power of Microsoft Direct Routing, companies are now able to receive Unified Communications as a Service UCaaS), using the well-known and easy to use Microsoft Teams interface.

How Microsoft Teams Changed Cloud & VoIP Telephony

Cloud telephony is replacing a physical Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system.  Until IP based phone systems were validated for business use, a PBX was the only way to integrate telephony into a business.  Rife with issues, limitations and fees, traditional PBXs came with their own proprietary phones, with no way to re-use them with a different system.  This made changes difficult and costly.

IP based phone systems (VoIP) are now beginning to be used in conjunction with Microsoft Direct Routing, through Microsoft Teams.  This is a new and growing trend of how companies connect their systems to a telephony network, resulting in a more secure, better managed system with premier High Definition quality video and audio.

Teams Makes Telephony INCREDIBLY Better – All managed through a single pane of glass interface!

With the shift to distributed and remote workers, Direct Routing through Microsoft Teams is an ideal way to modernize all working environments and to streamline communication for any workforce, especially those with multiple locations. This managed service is more flexible and cost-effective, as  the managing provider brings technical support and expertise as well as PSTN integration via Direct Routing, to be sure of a smooth transition and a successful implementation.

Organizations with more than 100 people systematically choose a managed provider to connect their calls using the Direct Routing option.  Popular because a company can keep their existing phone numbers (and provider), which will enable moving to a Cloud voice solution. The entire Cloud Telephony system is managed centrally in a fixed-cost scenario, so charges for the whole organization are included in one agreement.

Direct Routing turns Microsoft Teams into an enterprise-wide telephony solution that is fully integrated with the widely used Microsoft 365 software suite.  It provides a uniform experience to everyone everywhere, through a MS Teams interface that is available on multiple devices and platforms.