Teams Telephony

Plans and Pricing for Teams Telephony and Collaboration Services

Managed Teams Telephony for Hybrid, Remote & Onsite Workforces!

The One-Stop, Best-in-Class, All-Inclusive Solutions from Microsoft billed at fixed monthly rates per user.

Microsoft Experts as Managed Service Providers, let us manage your IT Support, Security, Migration, Teams Telephony and Disaster Recovery at fixed monthly prices, per user.


One Base Package,
Add Only What You Need.
$ 20 All Inclusive Price Per User / Monthly
  • US & Canada Number
  • Domestic SMS & MMS
  • Unlimited calling within US and Canada
  • Advanced phone features
  • Make & receive calls from multiple devices / apps
  • Optional add-on: unlimited calling to 18 countries
Best Value

When we say pay for only what you need

Available Add-ons

See below for more information.

Available Teams Phones

Telephony Add-ons

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Bulk Toll-Free Minutes
In response to client requests, we are now offering Toll-Free minutes in bulk to be added to any calling service without the need for a long-term commitment, and there’s no set-up or activation fees. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Each license is for 1000 minutes per month and is only $25.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Choose from #’s:  800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Sending text messages to toll free numbers is permissible, as long as numbers are “text enabled.”

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Hardware as a Service
Starting at $15 a device, we can fully manage your telephony hardware and get you leading, exciting Internet devices and phones.  From cost-effective to technology leading devices, just talk to us and we’ll get you all fixed up.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Purchase and Deploy a complete phone system throughout your organization.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  No / Low upfront costs and predictable budgets. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Streamlined purchasing, include everything on a single invoice for simple end-to-end procurement.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
International Calling
Add International calling and SMS with ease!  Our clients can add a long distance option to any current rate plan and save on international dialing charges with multiple choices.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Pay-per-minute with International Long Distance Savings.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  A fixed number of monthly long distance minutes to call select countries using the local minutes in your current plan.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Countries include 55 of the most accessed locations.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
eFax Integration
Need faxing for compliance or communications? This service enables your business to reliably and securely send and receive business critical information to intended targets via the cloud. 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Electronic signatures – swipe with your finger or drag and drop a “saved” signature onto your fax document.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Local, toll-free, and international numbers available.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  No fax machine needed, fax online from anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.

Additional Phone Numbers (DIDs)
Direct Inward Dialing  is a feature offered that allocates a range of telephone numbers associated with one or more phone lines.  The cost of each additional DID is $5.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Easily assign a personal number to each employee.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Does not require use of a separate physical phone line for each to connect to the PBX.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Allows for traffic to be split up and managed more effectively.

Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
Professional Services
In you need it, we can do it.  From Cloud Solution integration to Discovery and Architecture, one size does not fit all, and we have the solutions you need to stay on top.  For more info, contact us today!

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  IT Infrastructure, System Integration and IT Relocation.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Server Consolidation, Virtualization, Video Systems and Teams Room Architecture and Fulfillment.

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  New or Multi-Office Setup, Logistics and Telephony Setup.


Add-ons for Teams Telephony Packages.
Premier Support
Additional support packages to help minimize risk and reduce downtime.  From support to admin and user training, we help raise adoption rates significantly, ask us how! 

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Minimize downtime and get support issues resolved quickly with priority response

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  Connect directly with support engineers to diagnose problems via phone, chat, or email

Add-On-Telephony-Teams-check  With Premier Support, a Technical Account Manager can be assigned to ensure issue resolution and automated escalation.