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Cloud eBook whitepaper - Top 10 Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service, register to download.
Top 10 Benefits of Unified Communications


Unified Communications eBook for Communication and Collaboration

Unified communications eBook Table of Contents, free eBook, Unified Communications and Cloud Telephony.

Throughout the pandemic era of 2020, communication and collaboration applications saw unparalleled growth as companies rushed to provide for remote workers.  This unified communications eBook was developed to address these very issues and includes hybrid workplace changes.

As these developmental stages took place, the timing coincided with the already growing acceptance and use of the cloud.

Notions of Unified Communications (UC), especially VoIP and traditional telephony, began to be examined regarding efficiency, usefulness, and providing the same user experience across multiple channels.  (Wikipedia – definition)

Trends Examined in this Uniform Communications eBook

Cloud eBook whitepaper - Top 10 Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service, register to download.

More of a long-term trend, Unified Communications has shown continuous benefits to businesses,  employees, partners, and vendors in a true global setting.  Results and feedback show consistent, uniform, and better experiences for everyone, while at the same time lowering costs and improving reliability.

Unified Communications refers to the way different forms and tools in the digital workforce interact. By unifying phone calls, web conferencing, SMS, and email among others, users are able to share and access data and collaborate in real-time, while avoiding issues of dissimilar platforms and applications.

We examine this developing trend of porting communications and user functions to the cloud and ask will it as a service become the standard for years to come? Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) is picking up speed and seeing great returns on investment, especially when combined with support and other service stack offerings. 

This eBook begins by examining the current state of technology for remote/hybrid workers.