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Hybrid workplace transitions are happening all around us.  Fresh on the heels of emergency remote setup comes a mixed relationship of off and on-site concerns.  While moving to the cloud is an excellent way to provide functionality and access to employees anywhere and everywhere, there’s no guarantee security processes won’t be compromised.  By using best of brand software, applications and tools, stakeholders and managers alike can rest assured their cloud strategy holds true.   

One area of concern largely unaddressed is with mobile device management and application use on company hardware.  As you will see, Microsoft Intune provides complete control and management just as you’d expect from the leading provider of enterprise level software and cloud services.  This of course, works hand in hand with Microsoft Teams, providing a secure and feature rich environment for hybrid workplace collaboration and communication.  

Unified Communications Benefits for hybrid and remote workforces, advanced communications, chat, messaging, calendar, communicating employees.

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To support hybrid work effectively, every process across the organization —from operations to engineering, sales, supply chain, and finance—needs to be reimagined to accommodate the shift to a digital workflow.  Cloud-based infrastructure is critical for supporting that shift.

As organizations adapt to the future of the workplace, the demand for new technology will only increase. Staying up-to-date with communications platforms may be difficult if you choose features that do not automatically update with their parent programs.  Additionally, as the hybrid and remote workforce continue to grow, an upfront investment that adapts to your team’s mobile needs will pay off in the long run.  While securing the right strategy for your present team is important, choosing a collaborative and communicative solution that anticipates and responds to your organization’s future needs will ensure long-term success.

Teams is at the heart of video and audio collaboration, for both office-based and home-based workers. Intune is there to ensure mobile users and applications adhere to company standards, allowing collaboration and communication without sacrificing security.

Moving to the Cloud without Compromising Security is Essential

Investing in services that deliver a consistent, multi-device, UI and UX platform can free your organization from the need to download, install, and learn new software.

With the right provider, all your communications are streamlined, reducing friction within your organization. While freedom is an essential feature of hybrid working, you should not jeopardize your company by investing in a service that may put your business at risk.  Before investing in any Cloud provider or service, make sure that you speak with a qualified representative about security features and encryption services, as well as refined user controls, privacy, and transparency.

Top Unified Collaboration and Hybrid Tips and Trends for 2021

• Invest in technology for a uniform foundation bridging the physical and digital worlds.
• Create a plan to empower employees for maximum flexibility.
• Combat digital exhaustion with mutually beneficial policies.
• Prioritize rebuilding social capital and culture.
• Rethink the employee experience to compete for the best and most diverse talent.

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Unified Communication Tools for Hybrid Workplaces, Communications: Messaging, Mobility, Live Conversations, SMS, MMS, Chat and Online Faxing, resulting in of technical equality and uniform communications for all employees.

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Collaboration among employees is basically a collective collaboration of ideas, points of view and experiences brought into action, in order to achieve a goal.  In order to achieve effective collaboration among employees, the team must be aligned and open to fully welcome and adapt to each member’s skills and knowledge for better decision making.

Difference between Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Both teamwork and collaboration bring employees together to achieve the same goal. The main difference is how they achieve the goal.
  • In teamwork, employees usually have a leader and tasks are handled individually according to each member, strengths, skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration allows teams to work as equals, every team member has the opportunity to share their point of view and work efficiently by sharing the workload equally and offering an overall broadening of knowledge.

Cloud Network Solution digital background. Cyber Security and Cloud Technology ConceptYour employees may be hybrid, remote or located in a brick and mortar office, but spread out over more than one floor, building, city, state or continent.  Some team members may be working from home (either full or part-time). You may even be working with a fully hybrid or remote team. Modern technology makes staying in touch with your team easy and convenient when you use an online collaboration platform to:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Ask questions
  • Share documents
  • Find information

The technology allows remote and hybrid workers to post questions, thoughts and comments at a time that’s convenient for them. Members of the team can respond when they come online. Users can direct their communication to a specific person if they wish; all users can share ideas with the group to help the team reach its goals. 

If your employees were spending most of their time at work dealing with recurring, administrative tasks instead of more interesting assignments, it could be very difficult for many of them to stay motivated. Employees who don’t feel like they are making a big difference at work are far less likely to want to contribute much substance to a team.

Instead, invest in software and tools that automate recurring tasks whenever possible. Taking this step frees up your employees’ valuable time so they can focus on more interesting tasks that matter to them and the company. To make the upgrade in technology successful, be sure that your managers are using it as well. Get your managers excited about the benefits of the software (which will lead to better collaboration) and your employees will follow suit.

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Unified Collaboration

Building Technical Equality for all Employees.

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Teams Rooms Available - In the Cloud Tech designs Teams Rooms for Hybrid Workplace Solutions and Technical Equality.

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