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Technical Equality - Unified Communications Benefits for All!

Company communications encompasses many things, as there is no end to the number of different devices and possible locations.  Get advanced communications tools like Unified Messaging, Instant messaging, online faxing, mobility, live real-time conversations, and chat – all fully integrated with video and audio meeting solutions.  And the Unified Communications benefits continue!  See Collaboration specific tools and resources, and here for more information on Teams Telephony using Direct Routing.

HD video and voice call meetings are fully integrated with the 365 Suite of programs and supports a full spectrum of unified communication benefits and needs from small internal meetings to large virtual events. The richness of features provided by Microsoft Unified Communication Solutions can include end-to-end experiences, like custom registration, rich presentation options, host controls and post-event reporting.  Check out our eBook on Unified Communications Benefits here.  

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Unified Communications Benefits for hybrid and remote workforces, advanced communications, chat, messaging, calendar, communicating employees.All Employees use and have access to the same programs, on the same platform, accessible from anywhere, on any device, 24/7 and all managed through a single pane of glass interface.
Guess What? This is Technical Equality! 

Chat, Messaging, Calling, Conferencing, Groups, Calendars, File Storage and Collaboration platforms would be extremely difficult to set up independently.  Industry opinion is that Microsoft responded incredibly well to provide these real time conferencing and communication tools that are all available in one place.  Knowing that video is THE main function enabling hybrid work, Microsoft Teams begins by providing reliability and crystal-clear HD audio and video necessary to note body language when communicating.  We know the deep connection video can provide, and we know that employee expectations are shifting.  We know that remote work can be as, if not more, productive than being in-office. And we know that employers have learned to pay attention in order to maintain employee productivity, and to continue to retain and recruit top talent. 

Videoconferencing will always be important, but it is just one tool, and does not alone provide the communication and collaboration infrastructure needed to power hybrid work. Microsoft Teams is the one solution that combines everything – meeting, chatting, calling, calendars, groups, file collaboration and much more.  All in a single place, all integrated with 365 Office apps and other common process automation tools.  A Unified Communications platform opens collaboration between knowledge workers and frontline workers and blends synchronous and asynchronous work naturally.  It is the leading, familiar and best-in-class application that does it all, providing an organizing layer that supports the flow of work across the organization.

Microsoft Teams is…

The Leading, Best-in-Class Unified Communications (UC) Platform by Microsoft,
for ALL your Meetings, Chatting, Messaging, Grouping, Scheduling, Structuring,
File Sharing, Secure Storage, Calendaring, Conferencing, Noticing, Calling,
and Live Collaborative use and editing of every Office 365 Application,
ALL seamlessly delivered Live, in full High Definition Audio and Video,
ALL managed through ONE Single Pane of Glass Dashboard Interface,
ALL located in the same place, ALL available on any Internet device,
ALL usable from any practical location, by ALL employees,
ALL without compromising a company’s existing
and future organizational security policies.

unified communications benefits, Enterprise Unified Communications Benefits

Research shows that remote workers are often more productive than their in-office counterparts, yet it’s very common for leadership to give more credit to in-office employees because they are much more visible.  Not only is that a potentially damaging perception, but it is also a sign that the initial shift to a hybrid workforce has been somewhat superficial rather than a true strategic, cultural, and operational shift. It is this superficial aspect that needs to be reexamined by some and avoided by all.

Work is evolving rapidly, and there is just no going back to our pre-pandemic world. As vaccines begin to roll out globally, business leaders everywhere need a plan for this new operating model and one that contains maximum flexibility.  

Commonly the foundational basis of Uniform Communications functionality, Microsoft and Teams have now introduced more than 100 new features over the past year, all built with enormous flexibility for hybrid and remote workers!


Cloud eBook whitepaper - Top 10 Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service, register to download.

Predicting Unified Collaboration Workplace Trends 

Throughout the pandemic era of 2020, communication and collaboration applications saw unparalleled growth as companies rushed to provide for remote workers. This unified communications eBook was developed to address these very issues and includes hybrid workplace changes.

As these developmental stages took place, the timing coincided with the already growing acceptance and use of the cloud.  Notions of Unified Communications (UC), especially VoIP and traditional telephony, began to be examined regarding efficiency, usefulness, and providing the same user experience across multiple channels.

We examine this developing trend of porting communications and user functions to the cloud and ask will it as a service become the standard for years to come? Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS – Download here) is picking up speed and seeing great returns on investment, especially when combined with support and other service stack offerings.   This eBook begins by examining the current state of technology for remote/hybrid workers.

Unified Communications Benefits – Reworking Physical Spaces

Once you have determined your policies for maximum communications flexibility, use them to guide your approach to physical space. From this point forward, businesses can NOT rely solely on physical spaces to collaborate, connect, and build social equity.  That is not to say physical space isn’t still important, because it is.  People are social beings, and they want to get together, bounce ideas off one another, and feel the energy of in-person discussions. To have the ability to read body language and communicate live.  Microsoft has been researching their employees and looking at everything from graphs, to habits, and employee traffic patterns. Just to understand how best to equip teams with the spaces they need, while knowing those needs will evolve over time.

Unified Communications Benefits for hybrid and remote workforces, advanced communications, chat, messaging, calendar, communicating employees.Working Towards a Technical Equality

Attempts are being made at how to reimagine physical settings because everyone does not have the same home-based opportunities.  Some simply do not have an ideal home environment for remote work, be it unreliable internet, distractions from family/roommates, or even that they do not have enough space for a designated work area. These notions of technical equality are important, so some employees are not at a disadvantage.

A successful transition will have mitigated or even eliminated these issues about how they implement hybrid work. For example, sales teams who need to come to the office infrequently can use a hoteling model to book workstations for the day or hour, while engineering teams may need dedicated collaboration spaces and workstations. To accommodate remote workers, some companies are considering offsite coworking hubs or onsite communications rooms.

One thing we know is how we work will continue to evolve, so we greatly recommend building flexibility into every space that is designed or reimagined.  Moving forward, office space needs to bridge the physical and digital worlds and meet the unique needs of every team and specific roles.

Bridging the Gap with Teams Rooms for Maximum Unified Communications Benefits

Initially, it’s critical is to begin bridging the gap between in-person and remote experiences.  Working together when everyone is in the office is practiced and straightforward, but now we figured out how to get things done anyway. For less money. Isn’t that the point?

What remains now, is how best to handle that middle area, combining the people physically together, and others are joining virtually. That is surely going to be the real
challenge. As remote and hybrid workers now leave a lot of empty office space, one trend has been towards building what’s being referred to as a “Teams Room.” This adaption of space is being used to provide an amazing quality collaboration and communications atmosphere that can serve multiple purposes.

Investing in your Foundation –  Unified Communications Benefits are Forever

Today’s state-of-the-art Microsoft Teams Rooms include high-quality audio and video to help everyone be seen and heard. Meeting room cameras deliver high-definition video streams and optimize the view by framing the people in the room or following the active speaker. Intelligent speakers identify who in the room is speaking, and individual names and profiles are represented in meeting transcripts.

People onsite can write directly on a Surface Hub or even from their own phone or laptop, while remote participants can draw on the same shared digital canvas. In addition, Intelligent Capture cameras can capture, focus, resize, and enhance analog whiteboard images and text, so remote attendees can clearly see brainstorming, even
when someone is blocking the whiteboard.

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Teams Rooms Available - In the Cloud Tech designs Teams Rooms for Hybrid Workplace Solutions and Technical Equality.

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